Youtube’s Most Promising Fashion Vloggers

I recently read an article on titled “Get Familiar with These Up-And-Coming Streetwear Youtube Bloggers” and found myself with various objections. I felt that merely threw together a rushed article of a subculture within mens fashion that the author knew very little about. They left some of Youtubes best out while ¬†ranking some of youtubes least promising. Myself, having been watching youtube fashion vlogs since the early days of AlwaysFreshApparel, felt it was necessary to share my opinion on the matter.



AlwaysFreshApparel AKA Jacob Keller was and still is the OG of mens fashion vlogging. I understand why Hypebeast chose to keep him from their up-and-coming list due to the simple fact that he is not up-and-coming. Jacob has not been active on youtube for a staggering 5 months, and his fans (including myself) go crazy over his videos as he posts them so inconsistently. However, I felt it would be unjust to write an article on youtube vloggers and not at least give Jacob an honorable mention. It has been a journey watching Jacob evolve his personal and video style from Karmaloop hauls to pickups that include the likes of Rick Owens and Maison Margiela. The pioneer of mens fashion vlogging now spends his time working as a manager at the high end street wear boutique Machus.


Gotsweige PROD

Gotsweige AKA Kyron Warrick is a key up-and-coming vlogger that Hypebeast slept on in their article. Kyron is from the Canadian city Montreal and seems to be affiliated with the Dime crew. Anyone who lives in Canada knows that keeping up with streetwear and picking up more expensive pieces is increasingly hard due to the low dollar. This makes it even more impressive that Kyron is continually making videos about pieces such as Palace, Supreme, and Dime. Kyrons youtube channel focuses heavily on core streetwear and skate brands rather than some of youtubes other bloggers who have a taste for higher end streetwear. His videos are also of low production value when compared to others emerging from the scene which, to me allows for a more personal connection between the viewer and his channel as it is simply just Kyron talking to the camera with minimal lighting and/or editing. Kyrons most interesting series in my books is his “D.I.T.L” series (day in the life) which showcase his lifestyle, daily outfits, and his involvement in the streetwear and music industry.



JamesClo is another talented mens fashion Youtube vlogger from the UK who is one of the most informative and helpful there is. His personal style is distinct and consistent which allows his subscribers to know what to expect. This doesn’t stop him from exploring or reviewing new brands however, as he often does brand spotlights. He has been rocking the oversized distressed look since before Yeezy Season was ever a thing. His most helpful series is his “Get The Look” series that takes the look of a high end (and expensive) brand and provides the viewers with acceptable cheaper alternatives. He is definitely a Youtuber you should be keeping an eye on.


Victim RoSi

Victim Rosi is Youtubes mens fashion communities comic relief. His videos never fail to make me laugh due to his disorganized flow and random pickups. For example, in one of his recent pickups video he showcases a Beyonce band tee (which turns out to be actual fire). Don’t let his silly personality steer you away, in between the randomness RoSi makes quality tutorial videos where he demonstrates his sewing skills.



CleanestApparel AKA Jacob Wallace is a youtube channel that was featured in Hybebeast’s article and one of the two that I thought deserved to hold a spot. As mentioned in their article, Jacob is always ahead of the trend and often refuses to buy into pure hype (with the exception of the Guess x A$AP Rocky collaboration). What Hypebeast did fail to mention and what leads me to believe that they did not look into the vloggers they featured in any sort of depth, is that Jacobs largest talents lie in his own clothing line. His clothing line named¬†WhoisJacov has released an impressive 3 collections. His most recent and definitely the most extraordinary collection features tapered jeans, boxy graphic tee’s and tonal sweatshirts.



If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You are about to learn about the best mens fashion Youtube vlogger there is. Gearedtowardsgear AKA Avery Ginsberg was featured in the Hypebeast article along with Jacob Wallace, and I have to agree with Hypebeasts decision of this one. Avery is the cream of the crop when it comes to fashion vloggers and his subscriber count reflects that; almost 60 000. His videos feel like a movie with seamless editing, thought out shots and subtle humour. The variety in his videos keeps his channel interesting. His original Winter Break series gives the viewer the feeling of a vlog while still maintaining a strong focus on fashion and lifestyle.


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